Friday, August 04, 2006

the boys at "Keep Your Head Up"

Sean and Jeff sign off on their show at the Media Club last week. Props goes to these guys for doing a great job of mixing sketch and stand-up on Sundays. The show goes on in the fall, but I dropped down for the last show before the hiatus. Vic closed and Gerald Vargas, DLo and I hung out. The joke about me and Danny is we are at the opposite ends of a Freedom 55 commercial. He's gotta a lot of talent and rage, and potential. That DOES sound like me. Anyway, I love rooms like the media club to do shows at because it's a performance venue for musicians most of the time, the art of it all seems to rub off on the comedians and makes us be a little more creative.

Speaking of which, I need to write some jokes today. I'm hosting tonight at Stages and I will have plenty of stage time to try it out. I'm out - have a great long weekend.

media club

Monday, July 31, 2006

writing jokes- working on the site

My sister's visit which overlapped with my daughter's weekend over, has ended and its back to me and the poetess for awhile. Last week was full over perfectly blogable events - including another adventure with the infamous KFoxx and trouble maker and tab payer Dave Copeman. The C man has a family and business to look after and doesn't get out much, but when he does - Man you know it's gonna hurt the next day.

I was at the last show of the summer at the Media Club last Sunday - I got some good shots of Sean, Jeff, the DLo, Gerald Vargas and Vic Lippuci - who closed.

I'm off to Darby's tonight, so I wanna have some new stuff to work in, so I can have something fresh to throw if plove puts me up at the Well. It's clear that plove wants to see the guys working, otherwise it's just a wank. There are a lot of hot girls there, so it's tempting to show off, but the legitimacy of the room is that it is a room where new stuff gets worked on. So - I guess Mel Gibson will help in that area. He apologized for his anti-semetic remarks. "I said JUICE" Y'know that simpson guy. he causes wars...

Meanwhile the kkk and bin laden are on his speed dial. If it had been Lindsey Lohan we would've gone, "Really - man's she HOT!"

Fame doesn't trump everything - tits do!